Art by Payamps

Author: Melissa Payamps
Pen Name: Eisha Ay | Feb 7th
New York City based illustrator
BFA in Illustration from FIT

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This is a bit late but here are some awesome people that I attended MOCCA Fest 2013 with:

I shared a table with Kayla Kinoo Smith, Mimi Tanseco, Tom Bifulco.
Next to us was
Sva Sernvongsat.
One table away was Hojin Chung, Minnie Wang, Kim Vega.

My co-worker and SVA grad, Jenna Kass was there.
And FIT Alumni Rosana Iarusso and Darshana Pathak were there too!

Also go to talk to Scott C. and Noelle Stevenson.<3<3 Cool beans yo!

Hope to see you at next year’s MOCCA Fest!!
Also, I’ll be graduating from FIT in a week…real world, here I come.

  • 14 May 2013
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