Art by Payamps

Author: Melissa Payamps
Pen Name: Eisha Ay | Feb 7th
New York City based illustrator
BFA in Illustration from FIT

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Went to see Tusk with my friend today.  They handed out surveys and I doodled a walrus on the back of mine.  Posted it to my instagram and twitter and then I got an e-mail saying Jason Mewes liked my tweet.  Excuse me while I roll around on the floor.
I never got around to taking a photo of the finished #Spock painting.  Need to clean up the highlights in the hair…
Armadillo on hold while I work on a Spock painting.
Drawing while watching the Korra season finale
Started to paint an armadillo
A break from painting to draw Spock
These paintings are piling up
Raccoon on wood
Next painting is a raccoon
Walrus on Wood
Next up, a walrus
Bison on birch
Next painting in progress: buffalo
Bishi Kirk
Snake on wood