Art by Payamps

Author: Melissa Payamps
Pen Name: Eisha Ay | Feb 7th
New York City based illustrator
BFA in Illustration from FIT

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All stocked up and ready to paint
Octopus on wood
Next painting in progress
Koi fish on wood
New painting in progress
Rats on wood
Sarus Cranes on wood
Working on a crane painting
I never enjoyed painting, but I’m happy how much I got done in one day! I’m going to need to pick up another hard board to do a series.
Working on some fish scales
The new generation of air benders are still so young and full of energy!
Found a drawing I did at Chelsea Market last fall. A father was taking pictures of his daughter with the pumpkins.
Boondocks Lineart

Boondocks Lineart

Some more line work for the comic that I’m working on with Bibi.
I wish there were more hours in a day.